lördag 4 oktober 2008

The beutifull minds of common sence....

(it shall be seen as poetry and nothing
else if false or true you deside)

Around us, The streets are crowded with people. At the
streets there is directions of all sorts but the people can't find the right fit in this enormus place, for themself.
For some it realy ends up with a big bad identity crise,
and they bang out The reason why is probably they havnt found the connection the real perfect infrastructure of
friends they realy need..

Yes some meet acationally.. when odd things happend in
their enviroment, some get ritch, others get power - Others finds them self i sorrow. Arguing with mom of why - they can´t have
that special boyfriend. All this gets - as mombeling noice
all over the globe.

So the big powerfailure in newyork was one, and people
stopped for a while, And started talk with each other on what the reason realy was. They forgot themself for
some minute... Like, as something bad realy did happend -

Yet i imagine the loss of real chanses,
like I am now sitting infront a nice intellectual girl
speaking about odd perfect design the boat in the side of the image as something paticullary special.

With other words there is a unreal network of humans, like
a unsorted public liberary with in this time thoughts are not connected,

DISCONNECTED not placed right in the tube; and i feel a deep lose
everytime. There is also that moment where the phone in the pocket ring , yes it rang and there is non the
other end. For some that thinks that this a "natural"

A Technical problem might take it not so important,
others that understand about stupid systems getting in bad mode
naturaly irritates on it asking what service they payed for with
their hardworked money, and want to have compensation for the
loss, fix the problem!! Cause we are infact paying hard money
for the service!pronto!!

Others feels on the informatic galactical wire; with a
doctors stetoscope (information transport is in one word power) Like doctors there again; do Listens to patients hearts.. They get iritated real mad about everything, the price the service and most of all they ask for information as it would be something like a currency for democracy... For them; A bad working company is a threat to everyone! --Even if it was economical problem, in that word of exact cyberspace the problem is still a technical... I know, its a stupid bit somewhere. Its a common rule saying if you do not have money you shall not be able to be the one who consume a service.

Now thinking that the age and the money itself have no
connection can't be combined - Thats it! But what do i realy consume
in a phone, Its mine?

The bits i transmit its by the way my property, the same
is my thoughts not the phone company is transported electrons thru
quantumspace. If a physic reaction had happend for just money it have never worked!

I tell you. by the way: its there you find him in the idea
of real free things in life... As a guard for real human values.

He will be a lifelong pine in the as for thoes other
beleavers that life shall cost, expensive! and are giving the anouncement that else would be
porposterius. With otherwords I say - he love the humans,
but they getting hard on the reality is for him no good.

But yet our guy had the the dream; still in mind, and do
not even if there is high hills to walk up give up. So, what our
"type" sees i just a technical system, thought out of humans, like some one if errata appears in the stupid coffie box. - yes they are all over the hole place, Irritating
serving bad, deserving a bad mode with the correcting departmend behind the heals. A Kick in the butt-box with poste restante to thoes´engengeer invented it.

Therefore some "fellows" can call him terrorist or
hacker, because he is over all of them questing right from wrong - Yet hi curiosity is something that drives him - He have to pay for in what others think about him. -What our moral hacker sees, is the
world as an mad machine. And in here alot of thougths made by of on
the subject
- named freedom.

Looking in this glas of red vine some finds it too deep,
and then adding - He is blind can t see anything what he hears is
just (there again) the real wishes for his own freedom in

In our world many fight for their freedom - imagineable,
but do you call it freedom when some one demands you
doing something for your bred? I guess its called veiled supression when you earn the money, cause if something is needed for something else I guess its not freedom in its perfect sihouette. Its something
else. Its greedyness....

If you you like what I write in this text, i hope i get
compensation for it. But behhind it it is my drive to
explain so you feel better, to spread a thougt on the real human
value. And yet if i realy felt commited to the human kind
thoes ideas as some thing simple durty as payment for something
like 10 biljons of biljons of trilions people just needed to

- i would be ashame....

If i asked anything. In a deeper thought its onto
shakespeares parafrace To have or not to have and if distribution of
ideas would be free they the users would also be free.
And this beutifull dream goes on, people fighting for it
freeing information for everyones use. And in other parts the
struggle goes on for other quetions. The scream and the begging for
one just one only plea.... for human kind.

And yes he was not a bad boy. He loved the sun the flowers
and the life, he could not hurt any-one. Its in this thought a
thought in the view of all these good haerted people. And yet he
understod the missing link the path needed. New values on
information-transport and this why is realy needed.

Then particulary: we have the version of military service
and perspectives, where in some places they call the requtes
(its heard) apes and idiots, and in particulary even the every scum
not knowing so much about the outside world more than that they are
enemies. And thoes who makes protests about this mad-machine wont place fot in there.

For some reason; they come here from childhood and perhaps
even back in time. In reincarnation the engnengeers of thr future one can say...

Lots of different generations interact. I have alleways
said that they come as needed - There was, yet some had, but they didn,t used their capabillity to use words instead of bombs.. The better communication between people; i guess the better resistens there will be against it.

Theres a mecanism making the hole room of activity for
both bad and good around transport of ideas. Thoes who want to regulate sees the freedom in a scary thing. If its democracy, shure you are free to say what ever you like until you come to the point of no return, They will listen and find the way to you
if they know what to search for, -Echilon, FBI and the

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