lördag 4 oktober 2008

play scull & bones

How I feel time go tick tock - and yet I am a smock,
sucking time and money - out of family" - Feeling thow no
harmony... Yet I am so honest, feeling deep down in my
basment, whats worng. And yet I can feel the truth - The
harmoney and the reason why I feel. Its in thoes darn
bucks Scull & Bones -act up. And my poestry is - for what
it is taken, A thought on the values we have - that love
can´t be brought... or sold. Its what a feeling is - not
for sale - and i think so - dealing with it in other ways
makes the stars cry out. So I deside to stop .. finding
other ways. Cause the stars are told to be our hope... and
so it must be - otherwise the world will go backwards or
even go broke..

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